EASY SOFTWARE AG donates a tree for Mülheim

April gives everything a new lease of life – at least as far as orphaned flower plots in Mülheim’s Schloss Strasse are concerned. Just in time for spring’s awakening, a new yet already grown Chinese dogwood tree is decorating once again the city’s main shopping street – thanks to a spontaneous donation from EASY.

Pflanzaktion: (v.l.) Claudia Scherrer und Dirk Hupperich von der EASY SOFTWARE AG mit Baudezernent Peter Vermeulen. Foto: Walter Schernstein.

Planting activity: (from left) Claudia Scherrer and Dirk Hupperich of EASY SOFTWARE AG, with Peter Vermeulen, head of the Environment Department.
 Photo by Walter Schernstein


A locally based company for Mülheim

“I would like to thank EASY SOFTWARE AG for its financial commitment without which adding such a tree would not have been possible. Nice to know that a local company shows such a strong and active commitment to the city,” says Peter Vermeulen, head of the Environmental Department. In tandem with EASY employees Claudia Scherrer, Dirk Hupperich and Hermann Werntgen, all of whom are natives of Mülheim, Mr. Vermeulen has attached sponsors’ labels to the pot for the “opening ceremony” now bearing the following motto, visible to everybody: “Don’t cut trees, plant them. Paperless work with EASY SOFTWARE.” The EASY employees in turn had every reason to be delighted: “As Mülheim citizens we’re glad to be active as preservers of our castle and life-givers – all this in the sense of ‘Preserve old things, and create something new’ ” was the unanimous opinion.


“Don’t cut trees, plant them. Paperless work with EASY SOFTWARE.”

“Don’t cut trees, plant them. Paperless work with EASY SOFTWARE.”

Great commitment

Originally planted in a pot, the tree had sadly fallen victim to vandalism at the time. Due to the municipality’s financial bottlenecks, it had previously not been replaced: particularly because replanting that type of plant requires some expenditure due to the plant’s size and the specially designed water storage system within the pot.


All those involved are now hoping that the numerous Mülheim citizens strolling along the shopping street every day will be able to enjoy this young plant for a long time. The conditions are good, as a Chinese dogwood tree grows up to about four meters in height; as a potted plant it will reach an age of about 15 years, even bearing eatable fruit during its flowering season from May/June.