Trainer, overhead projector, whiteboard etc.: How EASY trains its partners and customers

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EASY products are extremely easy to use – a characteristic that has always represented one of the most important benefits of the solutions from Mülheim. But, needless to say, complex background processes are also taking place, albeit largely unnoticed. As such, administrators and consultants need specific know-how – and EASY offers this too: Product training sessions in the Mülheim training centre provide the required level of detailed knowledge in one- to four-day seminars.


An ideal learning environment

If you are thinking back to your own school days or university life, of blackboards and overhead projectors, you are wide of the mark – when it comes to technology, the EASY training centre leads the way. The centre is home to three seminar rooms, which provide an ideal learning environment – an environment that is often just not available at the participants’ own work stations. “During a training session, it is important that you can focus on the material being taught – this is often not possible in your own office, partly because nowadays it is getting more and more difficult to steal some time away from your own work – even if it is just for one day”, explains EASY training director Hermann Werntgen. “That is one of the reasons as to why 90 percent of all EASY training sessions take place in Mülheim an der Ruhr.”


Learning in small groups

And that is not all: EASY training sessions are limited in the number of participants. Thus, there are three rooms: two for eight participants and one for four participants, plus room for a trainer. The reason behind these limitations is not to do with the available space, explains Werntgen. “The larger the group, the more difficult it is to concentrate. Our experience also shows that it makes sense didactically to not teach more than eight participants at once when it comes to technical topics.


The latest technology

And then there is the technical support: The trainers sweep through their presentations on interactive whiteboards, just like they would on their mobile phones; they can enlarge details with a single gesture, or present the most important points on a virtual flipchart, which is then made available as a PDF at the end of the session. “It is no longer necessary for each participant to bring their own laptop; each participant is provided with a modern standalone PC” says EASY training director Herrmann Werntgen. “Our many years of experience have taught us that the latest equipment helps to guarantee the best training results – at the end of the day, everything has to run smoothly on the day.”


Interested in the latest EASY training sessions? You can view the upcoming dates here!

A better launch: EASY ECM is pulling out all the stops

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Introducing a new product is a technological challenge. But sales, marketing and customer communications are just as important – and must all be precisely tailored in line with the launch. Providers and sales partners are most successful when they pull together.

A strictly timed launch

When it comes to the launch of the EASY ECM Suite, this is precisely the case. EASY is leaving nothing to chance here, and is working closely with partners – to everyone’s benefit. For, just like the Suite itself, the sales and marketing model is transparent, understandable and coordinated.

Communication across all channels

Thus, for example, EASY has made the price list for the release of the ECM Suite clearer and more user-orientated. EASY is utilising all available channels to communicate the product benefits to customers. EASY is, of course, also planning a training package for partners, which will allow them to market and implement the solution in the very best and most effective way.

Know-how transfer as a key to success

Only those who know a product inside out can explain it and sell it. Events, webinars and calls are, therefore, as much a part of the parcel of instruments used during the EASY ECM Suite launches as a sales box with PowerPoint presentations, white papers, demo configurations and a showcase for a standard customer meeting. In addition, EASY is providing support with expert articles and the new ROI calculator on the EASY website.

References help

Important for partners: The more success stories that they can publish together with EASY, the better. However: Silent successes are only of limited use. You need to talk about them. That is why EASY is continuing to provide a form which customers and users can use to declare that they are happy to be used as references. Note that references do not have to provide a long, editorial piece. The EASY partners who work to get their customers acting as active messengers for EASY on XING, for example, to like and recommend EASY blog articles, or to post a statement on the EASY Facebook page, will be improving their chances in every subsequent sales meeting.

EASY webcast: Manage your personnel files easily and securely

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On 8th May 2015 at 11 am, as part of our series of EASY webcasts, we will be showing you how you can use EASY RECORDS for HR to manage your personnel files easily and securely, and how you can manage applicants faster and more efficiently.

How can I make daily personnel processes simpler and faster to manage? How can I automate my routine tasks? How can I manage applicants faster and more efficiently?

Have you found yourself asking these very questions? Then look forward to our answers in the EASY RECORDS for HR V2.1 webcast. Discover how you can use digital personnel files to create a slimline and efficient solution for electronic application and applicant management, and how you can make other key HR processes run more smoothly.

Register now to participate in the free EASY RECORDS for HR V2.1 webcast by clicking >here<. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.

Medium-sized companies: Digital transformation requires new organisation

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Digitalisation demands changes to processes in every department, regardless of the company size. But what effect does this have on the organisational structures of companies – or on internal communication? Do these also need to be adapted?

The answer is: Yes. A study by the InterSearch Executive Consultants entitled “Digitale Transformation und ihre Auswirkung auf die Führung im Mittelstand” (Digital transformation and its effects on management in medium-sized companies) has discovered that many business leaders see a need for action here. The consultancy surveyed over one hundred decision-makers from companies with over 100 employees.


Data drives decisions…

According to the study, over 80 percent of the decision-makers surveyed think that internal communication will get considerably quicker as a result of digitalisation. 80 percent see knowledge management and know-how as a key success factor for the future. And 75 percent state clearly: IT must be brought closer to other departments. Finally, two thirds are very aware that: In the future, decisions will be driven by one thing above all else: data.


…and data will determine the success

The problem, however: Only a small number of the companies surveyed actually act accordingly. Less than one quarter of companies have a structure that allows production and marketing departments, for example, to work closely with IT. The computer-aided archiving, availability and provision of information and know-how also needs action. Even amongst medium-sized companies in the ITC and finance industries, only 25 percent of companies have a knowledge management system in place. And even the industry that considers innovation, flexibility and speed to be its greatest assets is way behind when it comes to digital transformation.


Companies need solutions – and support

As such, it is now time to move up a gear. Good partners are ready to assist medium-sized companies and to ensure that they can jump on the transformation wagon before it is too late. The required technology for process management, automation and data provision has been available for a long time now. And, just like the EASY ECM Suite, above all, they are scalable, simple and, with the new payment models and availability via the Cloud, they are most certainly helpful for medium-sized companies too.

ECM systems gaining in popularity amongst medium-sized companies

Medium-sized companies in Germany are increasingly utilising IT solutions for their document management; namely ECM and DMS systems. More and more companies, including small companies, are prepared to invest in these systems – and this willingness to invest is set to increase further in the future. These are the predictions of the latest Bitkom study “ECM in medium-sized companies. Status quo and perspectives for the use of enterprise content management in Germany”, which was carried out by the Research Institute for Rationalisation at the RWTH Aachen and supported by EASY SOFTWARE AG.


The highest acceptance amongst large companies

The majority of large medium-sized companies already rely on an ECM suite, although most of the solutions used are standardised ones. According to the study, these companies wish to considerably extend these systems and to utilise the potentials for rationalisation. Products like E-filing and digital invoicing in particular have been able to convince the companies of the benefits of automated workflows – products that EASY has been offering on the market for many years, and whose development the company has played a key role in shaping. It is precisely these products that are now enjoying rosy market prognoses. The Bitkom spring study concludes that annual investments of around one billion euro per year are fully realistic for the 21,000 medium-sized companies in Germany.


Don’t let up now

However, in order to realise this sales potential, there remains a lot to be done. The challenge is to develop solutions that are as relevant for small, local trade companies as they are for medium-sized industrial operations with 500 employees. And: The benefits of a solution must be communicated in a clear and understandable way; its usage must be simple and intuitive. At present, only one in five owners of medium-sized companies know what ECM actually stands for.


There is more to come

If that doesn’t ring alarm bells for the industry, then what will?! If, despite this, it is possible to wake medium-sized companies from their slumber, the branch is ripe for the next step: to expand the usage scenarios. At present, medium-sized companies are mainly interested in pragmatic, self-evident applications, such as digital invoicing and storage. ECM systems are widespread in bookkeeping and controlling departments; less so in purchasing; and hardly used at all in human resources, customer services and logistics. Mobile working and collaboration are other side issues – this is where the future lies. Illustrating all of the possibilities – this is the primary task and opportunity facing the ECM industry.

You can find the complete Bitkom study here (german language).

EASY SOFTWARE AG terminates Stock Lending Agreement with otris software AG

Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, April 24, 2015

EASY SOFTWARE AG holds 46% of the shares of otris software AG. An additional

stock lending of 5% of the shares has previously resulted in a majority holding of 51% in that company. With the consent of the Supervisory Board, the EASY SOFTWARE AG Management Board today decided to no longer extend this Stock Lending Agreement, the result of which is that it will expire, according to contract, by April 30, 2015.

EASY SOFTWARE AG will still hold an investment share of 46% in otris software AG. However, expiration of the Stock Lending Agreement ensures that effective April 30, 2015, otris software AG will be deconsolidated, and considered, as of May 1, 2015, as an associate company in the consolidated financial statement.

The losses in revenue within the EASY SOFTWARE group resulting from deconsolidation are estimated to amount to about 10% for the current financial year, in which otris software revenues are still consolidated pro rata temporis. On a 12-month basis (from financial year 2016 onwards), the Management Board assumes losses in revenue to amount to 17%. However, deconsolidation has a positive effect on the income for 2015. The tentatively estimated profit from deconsolidation of otris software AG amounts to about €3 million.

The final determination of fair value is still pending.

Expiration of the Stock Lending Agreement does not affect proven cooperation with otris software AG, particularly the sales partnership alliance.


The Management Board

On-premise meets on demand: Why EASY is relying on hybrid solutions

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Many a company decision-maker has already racked their brains about whether they should follow an on-premise or on-demand model. The best answer lies in a simple question: Why not utilise the benefits of both worlds, with a hybrid strategy? Especially as these two worlds address different target groups – and thus allow partners to target more customers.

Digital transformation: Not a question of size

For a long time now, the size of a company has been irrelevant when it comes to the need for digitalisation. Digital transformation is a must for all companies, regardless of their size and industry, in order to remain competitive in the future. The result: Different sourcing and service models are developing in smaller companies too.

This development represents a clear market potential for EASY and EASY partners. For, in addition to the classic on-premise models, a new target group is coming into focus: Companies for which ECM has not even been considered to date as a result of their sizes and internal structures. But companies for which it would be worthwhile to introduce an ECM – so long as the ECM suits the requirements profile of the company.

Slimline, scalable, cost-cutting

That is why EASY has developed an ECM from the Cloud – a supply model that promises an especially quick implementation, that can be adapted to suit the size of the company in question, and that can grow in line with requirements. It is a model that does not require any additional investments in hardware, operation and personnel, because the Cloud provides all of the necessary components. Investments and amortisations are not required. Usage can be covered by operating costs alone.

A targeted market approach

The EASY ECM Suite Cloud offers an especially interesting distribution model for EASY business partners: the Business Cloud Partner Services. As part of this product, partners provide their customers with ECM Cloud services based on the EASY product range – whether on their own platform or via external hosting or housing from the partner.

Certified security

EASY carefully examines the relevant platforms in advance. Once testing has been completed successfully, a certificate confirms to the partner that the platform fulfils EASY’s strict quality and security requirements, and also serves as an additional proof of quality for the customer.

Customer retention included

Incidentally: The EASY ECM Suite Cloud also improves customer retention. It allows even the temporary requirements of customers to be catered for. And, who knows: Maybe today’s start-up that opts for the on-demand solution will become the corporation of tomorrow, which prefers the on-premise solution.

ROI calculator: A few clicks from your saving potential

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Those who economise well, have a cool reaction to convincing product features. And the higher the amount of investment required, the more decisive the counter value of an investment; ideally measured in actual coins.

For purchase invoice processing with EASY INVOICE, this is now as easy as clicking your fingers. EASY has developed an ROI calculator for the solution and made it available online. The ROI calculator is now also available in English and using British pounds and US dollars.

It uses four questions to calculate the annual savings potential for your company. The calculator asks how many purchase invoices you receive, and how many have an order reference. The internal hourly rate is also included in the calculation, along with the expected time spent per invoice. Try it for yourself now:

ROI calculator

Save the date: EASY WORLD 2015

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EASY WORLD is the EASY event highlight for 2015! Make sure you are in the know when it comes to the latest EASY solutions and the new EASY ECM Suite – put the date in your diary now. We look forward to meeting you!

Did you miss EASY WORLD 2014? Then take a look >here< to get an idea of last year’s successful event. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.

More information and the agenda for EASY WORLD 2015 will be available shortly.





22nd and 23rd September 2015


Stadthalle Mülheim an der Ruhr
Theodor-Heuss-Platz 1
45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Interfaces: The revision-proof archiving of messages in Tobit David

Businessman on business meeting

Schnittstelle visionice_logoThanks to DvEASY – the interface between EASY and Tobit David – all messages in Tobit David can be archived in a revision-proof way. The connection to existing applications ensures that the archiving runs perfectly, and accelerates the internal processes. DvEASY by our partner VISIONICE can be seamlessly integrated into your existing environment, and reduces the set-up period to a minimum.

Full-text and OCR

During the archiving process, the software indexes the software emails, file attachments, SMS messages and faxes using full-text. This makes subsequent searches for existing content both quicker and easier.

Process-related storage

DvEASY features an integrated database interface. It facilitates the use of pre-existing master data for the indexing. Archived messages can be automatically filed in a process-related manner.

Indexing directly in the David Client

You can add keywords to all messages directly in the David Client. This is supported by the connection to your ERP or CRM system. This accelerates storage and reliably minimises errors in data entry.

Search and find

One of the strengths of DvEASY is the extremely rapid access to archived messages. Searches can be made directly from the David Client and provide very detailed search options.

The key benefits at a glance:

  • Archiving by company requirements
  • Adherence to legal archiving obligations
  • Convenient search options in faxes, emails, file attachments, SMS and voice messages directly from the David Client.
  • Use of pre-existing master data from the ERP and CRM system for semi and fully automatic keyword attribution
  • Simple and fast integration into existing processes and applications

You can find out more information from our partner VISIONICE. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.