EASY INVOICE: An investment that pays. Want to bet?

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Is it worth it? What do I gain? Does it pay for itself? Three questions that, at the end of the day, all ask the same thing. Questions that clever business leaders knew long before the term “return on investment” was created. After all, those who economise well, have a cool reaction to convincing product features. And the higher the amount of investment required, the more decisive the counter value of an investment; ideally measured in actual coins.


A few clicks from your saving potential

For purchase invoice processing with EASY INVOICE, this is now as easy as clicking your fingers. EASY has developed an ROI calculator for the solution and made it available online. It uses four questions to calculate the annual savings potential for your company. The calculator asks how many purchase invoices you receive, and how many have an order reference. The internal hourly rate is also included in the calculation, along with the expected time spent per invoice.


EASY INVOICE – More than just savings

In addition, EASY INVOICE offers an added value that cannot be calculated using the ROI calculator. After all, how high a price can you put on members of staff no longer having to do mundane work; what effect will it have on the number of sick days taken, for example? When faster processing times allow for increased discounts? What is the value of audit-proof archiving, and the increased transparency because you always have the information to hand regarding creditors thanks to the digital workflows? Issues like this are too complex for an ROI calculator. But the EASY sales team are happy to provide more information.


Curious? Then try the ROI calculator out for yourself:

Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.