The components of the EASY ECM Suite

EASY WORLD and the partner information day saw us present the components of the EASY ECM Suite in detail in the form of cubes. In this article, I will be providing an overview of the EASY ECM Suite modules.

The following diagrams present our uniform EASY ECM Suite:

Die Bausteine der EASY ECM Suite

Row one (from left to right)

  • EASY Archive for the audit-proof archiving of all of your key company data
  • EASY DMS, EASY Workflow, EASY Web Client and EASY Mobile for the optimal process support and visualisation of results across all platforms
  • EASY Capture for the integration of all input channels to be recorded, with the objective of expanding digital records
  • Classification and extraction represent a high level of automation to save time and money

Row two (from left to right)

  • EASY View for the rendering and the standardised and fast display of stored files
  • EASY Discovery for the seamless integration of external systems in addition to the known EASY data sources
  • Dashboard stands for three central pillars – the reporting and aggregation of information, a central starting point, extension through external sources
  • EASY Applications for the standardisation of solutions, in which the business process is the focus

Row three (from left to right)

  • Collaboration stands for co-operation between staff across locations, countries and time zones
  • Files stands for the summary of all modules named here for the most simple digital file solution for users
  • Deployment models stands for a user-based deployment and new invoice models
  • Cloud stands for seeing information and benefit in the foreground; rather than the operation of software solutions

Details about the individual modules

Do you want to know more about the individual modules and contents of the EASY ECM Suite? Then stay tuned to our blog. You will find articles containing lots of detailed information about each of the aforementioned modules on this blog over the coming weeks.

Estonia makes digitalisation a national objective

An interesting report has been published on the online Tagesspiegel. Under the title “So geht digital” (This is how digital works), the author describes everyday life in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The reason: When it comes to digitalisation, Germany is currently ranked tenth in Europe. When it comes to e-government, it ranks 19th. In contrast, the former Soviet republic of Estonia is demonstrating how digitalisation works and is doing so without compromise.


According to the report, almost all state services are digital in Estonia. Every citizen has one identification number and two pin numbers – that is all that is required to manage their lives digitally. Be it with regard their tax return, their parking ticket or a legal electronic signature on contracts: You can get through life quite easily with this ID and pin.


Objective: Digital citizenship

Just like Germany, Estonia has a “digital agenda”. This agenda was, however, only just decided upon and is, therefore, considerably newer than its German equivalent. But the objectives are incomparably higher. The Estonians are the first society in the world to introduce digital citizenship and want to transfer their entire country to the “Cloud” – metaphorically speaking.


Is this radical, consistent progress or both?

The radical path of digitalisation in Estonia is unimaginable in Germany. No more paper land registers? No more medical records, no paper records in government? Every contract signed digitally – that means tenancy agreements, mobile phone contracts and employment contracts? Simply a no-go in Europe’s largest economy, which claims to have a well-functioning administration in comparison to other EU states.

But, when it comes to digitalisation, you don’t have to go the whole hog. The size difference between the Baltic state and Germany alone makes a direct comparison impossible. However: A pinch of Estonian optimism and progressive spirit would certainly not harm the often sceptical and bureaucratic Germany.

If you want to find out more about the path Estonia is taking: Here is the link to the report in the Tagesspiegel.

Looking for an interface? Interface found!

Reducing complexity, facilitating collaboration, ensuring interoperability. EASY has identified these three trends as the most important enablers for business. These three objectives are in the product specifications of the new EASY ECM Suite. And they are the guiding principle behind the development of every EASY solution.


It depends on the interfaces


Why am I emphasising this point again? I want to take a look at the key link in this process. What do applications need to work together properly and to exchange data? And to do this seamlessly, without causing any stress for the user or administrator? Precisely: interfaces. And we are not talking about any interfaces here; instead we are talking about interfaces that reliably deliver what you expect them to.


A real-life example?


A nice example of the importance of interfaces: I’m sure you know the scenario whereby a sample audit sees a delivery receipt being discovered for which there is no invoice in the archive. The result: The auditor takes a closer look: After all, if there was one error, there are likely to have been many more. The book-keeping department may have to close up shop for several days as a result whilst an extensive company audit takes place.


Auditing acceptability as a reference

But how can this happen? Badly programmed interfaces are often the cause of problems like this. If a problem occurs when archiving an invoice and no archive document is generated as a result, a good interface will recognise this. It will not “rest” until the invoice has been audited acceptably. Bad interfaces are not so particular. For them, it is enough to have started the archiving process – regardless of whether it is successful or not.


All interfaces registered online

The good news: There are a large number of interfaces available for EASY solutions that have been tried and tested and that avoid precisely the scenario described above. To find out if there is an interface available for your ERP system, email application or other business software, all you need is a few clicks. EASY provides a list of all the available interfaces on the company website.


A strong overall package

The list is currently 70 strong. Each interface is accompanied by a short description as well as the contact details for someone to contact if you have any questions or wish to acquire the interface. Because: Only some of the interfaces were developed by EASY. The others are a result of development work by partners.


If you are now wondering whether there is already an interface for your solutions to link your ERP system to EASY INVOICE or EASY DOCUMENTS quickly and easily: You can find the complete list, which we are constantly updating, here. After all, EASY is always in motion!

EASY View: New flyer and price information


The server-based EASY View serves to display documents with various file formats accurately and true to the original. When compared with the familiar EASY Plus Basic (formerly known as xView Server), EASY View Plus can convert more file formats and can present these with the greatest accuracy in the shortest time.

EASY View’s excellent performance noticeably increases the efficiency of the user. The amount of maintenance and administration remains low, as all of the changes occur on the server side. The high level of accuracy allows for rapid, reliable navigation, even in large documents; has a positive effect on work efficiency; and can also increase staff satisfaction.

You can find all the details about licensing and pricing for EASY View, as well as a new flyer, in the >PartnerNet< now at .

CeBIT 2015: “Medium-sized companies buy from medium-sized companies”


Première for EASY at CeBIT: This year, saw EASY SOFTWARE AG appear in the BITKOM ECM Solutions Park in Hall 3, together with other companies from all ECM sectors, for the first time. Key themes included enterprise content management (ECM) systems; digitalising the numerous standard processes in companies, and concrete insights into the d!conomy: from digital invoicing via mobile to multi-channel input systems – ECM is digitalising the economy.


A successful experiment

Together in the Solutions Park rather than alone with a separate stand – an experiment that appears to have paid off: “We do not yet have any concrete data, but we are really happy with the number of visitors and the contacts that we made at CeBIT. The focus on trade customers appears to have paid off. The interest by visitors from Tuesday to Thursday was always especially high. Alongside our stand in the Solutions Park, we therefore utilised the associated business sector extensively in order to hold lots of interesting and intense discussions with interested parties, potential new customers, partners and existing customers”, stated Peter Rollepatz, Head of Market Communication, in his initial summary.


ECM: Topics and trends

Furthermore, EASY also took part in numerous expert events. For example, EASY chairman Willy Cremers took part in the podium discussion with CEOs and managing directors from leading ECM manufacturers entitled “ECM Software Manufacturers on the Latest Topics and Trends”. “Medium-sized companies buy from medium-sized companies” – a key conclusion that explains why German ECM manufacturers can compete well in the market, even against larger international providers. As far as Willy Cremers is concerned, usability and collaboration are two of the key developments in the ECM sector that will be relevant in the future. With its ECM Suite, EASY is on the right track here.


ECM in the Cloud

The Cloud was one of the leading topics at CeBIT. EASY contributed as an expert here too. Andrea Schmigalla, responsible for the topic at EASY together with Gerald Rüdiger, reported on this as part of her presentation. She stated that the outlook is generally good, even though the potential for dangers relating to the Cloud is still overstated. EASY relies completely on establishing trust, as there is still uncertainty and, at times, a lack of knowledge in the market. This requires a longer explanation process. She continued that hosting in Germany is a key pre-requisite for building up trust. EASY is planning to expand the company ECM with services and smart solutions. After all, in principle, the Cloud offers benefits that are dominating the market over the medium term. According to Schmigalla, the dynamism with which the Cloud is penetrating the ECM market is already noticeable.


A slight increase in visitors

The event organiser, Deutsche Messe, also noted a slightly positive outcome. CeBIT is gaining impetus. CeBIT 2015 registered a slight increase in visitors in comparison to the previous year. According to the organisers, the number of visitors rose by six percent to 201,000 (2014: 188 000). However, the numbers remain way down on those from the exhibition’s peak: At the turn of the century, CeBIT registered almost four times as many visitors. After a downward spiral that lasted years, three years ago the industry exhibition passed a reform which sought to change the event from what was once a trade fair for the public to a sought-after business exhibition.

EASY webcast: Email archiving can be this easy


On 10th April 2015 at 11 am, as part of our series of EASY webcasts, we will be showing you how you can use EASY for Exchange to archive your business emails simply and reliably.

Does a large part of communication within your company take place via email? Do you use emails for internal communications between departments and to approve critical business processes? Then look forward to our webcast on EASY for Exchange 1.0. Discover how all emails in your company can be stored in compliance with the law.

Register now to participate in the free EASY for Exchange 1.0 webcast by clicking >here<. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.

Intrigued? Tomorrow we will be providing information about how you can use EASY INVOICE 3.0 to significantly reduce the amount of time needed to process purchase invoices, whilst also reducing the amount of routine error-prone data entry work for staff. This webcast will also start at 11 am. Click >here< to register. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.

Register now: Experience the benefits of digital personnel files live


Have you already heard about our series of events on digital personnel files? Under the motto “Eagle eyes instead of dog-ears”, from 29th April to 4th November 2015 we will be giving you three opportunities to discover the benefits of EASY RECORDS for HR in person at the premises of Rhenus Document Services GmbH.

Do you want to be able to access your documents quickly and at all times? You can use EASY RECORDS for HR for the audit-proof storing of your documents, and to increase the efficiency of your work whilst also reducing costs and company risk. The solution is flexible and can also be extended easily to include additional functions and processes from the world of personnel management.

Find out more and see for yourself how digital personnel files can optimise work across departments and even locations in practice – live at the premises of our partner Rhenus Document Services GmbH, on

  • 29th April 2015 in Dortmund
  • 19th May 2015 in Frankfurt
  • 4th November 2015 in Hamburg

With EASY RECORDS for HR – the efficient solution for digital personnel files – you can combine working in familiar structures with the benefits of innovative software. Register >here< today for your preferred event. You can find a detailed flyer about the event >here<. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.

Convergence 2015: Not just present, but in the thick of it

This year, EASY SOFTWARE AG was present at this, the largest international product trade fair for Microsoft partners and customers, as a first-time exhibitor, and presented the company’s new Microsoft Solutions: “EASY for DYNAMICS AX Invoice Option” is a solution to automate incoming invoices in Microsoft Dynamics AX. With “EASY for OFFICE 365”, EASY SOFTWARE AG gives all Office 365 customers the option of archiving documents, files and emails from their Office 365 tenants from the online world to a location that they trust – including locally within their own company – in a simple and cost-effective way.

We were able to verify the marketability of the new products during our many discussions with potential partners and interested parties. The concept of the Microsoft Solutions provided by EASY SOFTWARE AG is fully in line with the motto that Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corporation, stated in his keynote speech on the first day of Convergence: “Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more.” With the vision and range, EASY SOFTWARE AG has integrated its latest Microsoft Solutions seamlessly into the new Microsoft IT worlds and, as such, is ideally placed in this segment for the future.

“ONEbelievable convergence celebration” – this was the motto for the relaxed celebrations, which marked the end of the Convergence 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA one week ago. Several thousands of conference participants enjoyed a fabulous concert by the international band “One Republic” and were very well catered for by the hosts Microsoft in the Phillips Arena – the home of the star basketball team Atlanta Hawks.

EASY SOFTWARE AG and SIV.AG increase their co-operation


New solutions to optimise document-intensive processes, shorter support times and better access to the partner network.

EASY SOFTWARE AG and SIV.AG are widening their co-operation in the field of enterprise content management (ECM). The new direct partnership will see SIV.AG and its customers have immediate access to EASY SOFTWARE AG’s ECM expertise via the EASY partner channel. In addition, the direct line to the solution partner allows for shorter support times and a targeted customer service. SIV.AG is one of the leading providers of holistic solutions for the German and international energy and water industry, and has been operating successfully for over 25 years.

“Our ECM portfolio incorporates more than just classic archiving. With our solution, we are providing all customers of SIV.AG with a new dimension of document and workflow management – simple, secure, scalable and with a high range of features. With SIV.AG, we have a reliable strategic partner, with whom we will enjoy a successful future”, explains Carsten Werner, Head of Partner Management at EASY SOFTWARE AG.

“Our direct partnership represents the bundling of our ability to innovate and our creativity with a clear focus on customer benefit”, says Mathias Birkholz, Head of kVASy® DMS at SIV.AG: “We will tie in with the successes of the record year of 2014 and advise our customers more on the optimisation of document-intensive processes in the future. We have developed attractive on-premise or Cloud operator models for this. We are expanding our solutions to include further components such as the CONTRACT administration or the personnel files, and are establishing a holistic solution for our customers in the field of ECM.”

Archiving obligations & social media: Do you know what you are doing?

What do social media posts have in common with a normal letter or email? It’s quite simple: They are text-based. And this is precisely what poses the problems for companies. Or, rather: Could cause costly problems. Because, just like other text-based content, many social media posts are subject to retention. And that is not all: They are subject to identical regulations in terms of data protection and compliance.


Social media data is on a par with other data

A fact with a certain amount of explosive power – as often no-one feels responsible for the documentation of social media data. Many companies treat social media badly; they do not view it on a level with other company documentation. In reality, it may be difficult to give every posting on your own Facebook page the same relevance as a quote, an order or an invoice – in other words, a legally binding document. But even though it may be difficult: In the case of many posts – if not all – it is the reality!


Study: Companies are misjudging the legal impact

It can be assumed that this awareness has not yet hit home. A study recently showed that: 28 percent of companies do not actively pay attention to their social media content; they haven’t even named someone to manage it. The situation does not improve when it comes to instant messaging services. Almost 40 percent of companies have not put anyone in charge of managing these services. And to cap it off, the study discovered that ten percent of all companies do not even document emails, customer data or website content.


There are no excuses any more

When you take the legal risks of this data policy into account, there is only one conclusion: “You DON’T know what you are doing.” The ECM/DMS industry must take the initiative and address the situation. After all, the solutions, which collate the data from various sources in companies and then independently index, order and archive in line with data protection and legal archiving periods, exist. EASY can offer them to companies of all sizes. As such, there are no more excuses for companies not documenting their social media data.