EASY Software Scoops ‘Marketing Team’ Storage Award 2014

Bury St Edmunds, UK – June 16, 2014 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s leading supplier of document management solutions, has once again triumphed at the annual Storage Awards, winning in the ‘Best Marketing Team’ category at this year’s award ceremony in London.

The in-house team of Howard Frear and Rachel Taylor, in partnership with Carina Birt representing EASY’s PR agency, Sarum PR, took the award in recognition of the innovation, creativity and impact of its ongoing B2B campaign.

The campaign successfully uses a number of channels, including social media, to raise awareness of EASY’s products, as well as promoting a wider understanding of the industry as a whole through the DM Collaborators’ Blog. The blog, which is sponsored by EASY, offers a platform for industry figures to discuss current and emergent issues facing the market.

Howard Frear, director of sales and marketing at EASY commented:

“We never underestimate the high standard of competition that we face at the Storage Awards from all our colleagues in the data storage industry, so we’re all genuinely honoured and excited to win again. This success brings EASY’s total number of ‘Storries’ to nine over eight years, but of course we won’t be resting on our laurels. It will only inspire us to even greater things next year!”

The Storage Awards, which has been running for 11 years, includes 30 categories which are voted for by thousands of Storage Magazine readers to reward the outstanding products, services and people in the industry.
More information about the awards can be found at: www.storagemagazine.co.uk/storageawards/ or on Twitter @STMagAndAwards #Storries

Successful launch of EASY for EXCHANGE

With its EASY for EXCHANGE module, EASY SOFTWARE has introduced a solution for automated archiving of Microsoft Outlook e-mails tailored to individual organizational needs. It reduces the Exchange Server data load, providing the highest level of data and legal security and keeping archived e-mails arbitrarily searchable. Moreover, it even facilitates automated passing of e-mail messages to enterprise processes. As all EASY SOFTWARE solutions, EASY for EXCHANGE is also “made in Germany”. In addition to highest product quality, customer-friendly support is guaranteed anytime. And the fact that the market accepts the new product is proven by rapid sales of the solution: Shortly after launching the product, more than 25 customers already selected EASY for EXCHANGE.

The number of e-mail messages increases with the size of an organization and, with it, the amount of data on the Exchange Servers. The latter contain information on business transactions which must be readily available when needed and must be stored in a revision-proof manner. But how can you blend availability, legal security and easing the server load? EASY SOFTWARE’s answer to this question is EASY for EXCHANGE.

With EASY for EXCHANGE, the market leader in electronic document management has developed a solution for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook. It is compatible with EXCHANGE 2010 and 2013, providing a variety of configuration capabilities; moreover, it is easy to administer, quick to implement, and scalable – i.e. capable of expanding along with the organization.

In the Exchange mailbox, EASY for EXCHANGE replaces e-mail messages to be archived with a reference file requiring little memory. This reduces the load on the Exchange Server by more than 90 percent. At the same time, effective retention management guarantees compliance with legal archive provisions: All e-mail messages are stored unchanged via the respective deadline.

Stored safely, e-mail messages remain ideally retrievable, because archived and non-archived messages can, in addition to attachments, be searched, shown in a preview or opened as usual directly from Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013. Users themselves will not notice the difference between archived and non-archived e-mail messages; instead, they continue working with their Outlook interface as usual.

An additional special feature: EASY for EXCHANGE supports process scenarios replicated in EASY ENTERPRISE.x. Rules defined there can automatically assign archived e-mail messages to a user or enterprise process. This even works regardless of functional mailboxes such as “support@” or “service@”. This allows assigning support e-mail messages to the organization based on the transaction number in the subject line and the sender directly to a customer and support case, and workflows to the respective account managers, teams and sites.