Könen Tiefkühl-Service keeps it cool with EASY xBASE

Könen Tiefkühl-Service (KTS) was established by Willy and Maria Könen on September 16, 1930. During the early years of the business, the focus was on storing, commissioning and delivering fresh foods. In the early 1960s, the focus shifted to frozen foods. Through its experience, the business developed its competency in storing, assembling, commissioning and delivering its products throughout Germany using its own deep-freeze vehicles.

With its headquarters at the conveniently situated location Willich am Niederrhein, Germany, the business has deep-freeze facilities with a total volume of 60,000m³ and a capacity of about 8,500 pallets. KTS operations predominantly cover the food, wholesale and retail trade sectors. To ensure its extensive services, qualified employees provide these services 24 hours a day.  Its annual commissioning service covering 225,000 pallets underlines the efficiency of Könen Tiefkühl-Service GmbH.
To serve its industrial customers, KTS takes on annual storage, assembly, commissioning and distribution of foods throughout Germany. Distribution vehicles, city trailers and long-distance trains ensure flexible delivery. KTS has a fleet covering a total of 30 deep-freeze vehicles. KTS is an interim storage facility for frozen foods for both industry and commerce.  To keep the deep-freeze chain ensured, all vehicles have electronic temperature records; maintaining constant temperatures of -23°C to ensure secure product storage.

Electronic archiving in 1992

This quality claim applies to the entire business; and it applies as much to its IT facilities as it does to the topic of archiving.  In 1992, the paper volume was so great that the business had to consider ways of dealing with delivery notes, order forms and empties forms. The business selected the then still existing Spanish archive system solution, under DOS provided by EASY SOFTWARE, for traditional archiving of these records. Since, however, that system was unable to meet the company’s requirements; the newly developed EASY ARCHIVE was deployed. Intense cooperation between KTS and EASY SOFTWARE made the archive solution fit to meet everyday requirements. So KTS was a pioneer in terms of deploying the EASY ARCHIVE system that later became so successful – today, it is using its current version 3.51.
A business with international operations, KTS provides extensive services which, along with normal business transactions, include a great volume of e-mails subject to retention.  Since the business wanted to migrate from traditional POP3 mailboxes to Microsoft Exchange 2003, this provided the opportunity to link that project to EASY xBASE. EASY xBASE is a solution for archiving e-mails and their electronic file attachments from Microsoft Outlook / Microsoft Exchange.

A simple and easy-to-use tool

EASY xBASE is a simple and easy-to-use module that enables archiving e-mails from the Exchange Server and storing them in a revision-proof manner.   Additionally, the convenient full text search engine enables retrieval of contents in mere seconds,” explains Swen Brüssel, IT system administrator at KTS. During the entire project, KTS was also able to benefit from the strong partnership alliance between the IT consulting and service provider go-net consulting & solution GmbH of Dortmund and EASY SOFTWARE.
Marcus Jahnke, project leader at go-net, was extremely satisfied. “In cooperation with EASY, this project had absolutely no problems at Könen.  The fact that we installed the Exchange environment also proved to be an advantage.  This enabled us to install the e-mail archiving solution EASY xBASE on an optimized platform.” Mr. Brüssel of KTS can only confirm this overall positive impression, he comments: “We found competent partners in EASY SOFTWARE and go-net consulting & solution GmbH. The EASY ENTERPRISE 3.51 project, EASY xBASE and Exchange implementation in 2003 are an example of how well cooperation with both partners works.”
The longtime deployment of the archiving solution illustrates constant satisfaction with the EASY solution at KTS. So it was not difficult to select EASY xBASE for e-mail archiving. For the future, KTS has archive and e-mail archiving extensions at the back of its mind.

EASY in use at the Theo Mueller business group

The right ideas at the right time, a keen sense for market development, and a constant flair for innovation have made the Theo Mueller business group an ultra-modern and extremely successful company throughout Europe. It was therefore a logical step for them to rely on the market-leading DMS solution EASY ENTERPRISE for the acquisition, archiving, and retrieval of incoming invoices. Seven years ago, the Theo Mueller business group implemented EASY ENTERPRISE for the acquisition, archiving, and retrieval of incoming invoices. This was followed by implementation of EASY CAPTURE and EASY DOCUMENTS. Now Theo Mueller archives its e-mails using EASY xBASE.

The beginnings of the Theo Mueller business group go back to 1896, when Ludwig Mueller founded a small village dairy in Aretsried. Even today, more than 100 years later, the headquarters of the Theo Mueller GmbH & Co. KG business groups are in the place where it all started. There, the valuable raw material milk is refined into high quality products.Today, the Theo Mueller business group has a large number of subsidiaries which are strong, independent brands. The Mueller brand, now known throughout Europe, forms the core of the business group. The product portfolio is rounded off with the “premium selection” of the Weihenstephan brand, the large range of milk and dairy products from Sachsenmilch, and the sour milk cheeses from the Loose cheese dairy.

“Everything Mueller, or what?”

The group currently has five production locations for fresh dairy products, processed fruit, and plastic mugs, as well as sales offices in Spain and Italy. Their own logistics business and a service company for the transport fleet ensure glitch-free distribution. Together with its other subsidiaries in four European countries, the business group has around 5,340 employees. In order to stay organizationally abreast of this development into a multifaceted and international player in the dairy industry in recent years, the business group Theo Mueller GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a holding company in 2003.

More growth – more records

Because of the continuous growth of the company and the associated increase in the amount of documents, the Theo Mueller business group decided on a project to digitally process and archive incoming invoices in December 2004; after all, invoice processing is a time-consuming and thus cost-intensive business process; if this is handled electronically, many options for process optimization and cost reduction become available.Â

More process optimization through EASY solutions

The constant expansion of the Theo Mueller business group made the creation of a separate IT department, with divisions in various business locations, absolutely necessary. A decentralized computer center for local applications and a centralized computer center for SAP now ensure that the industry giant has state-of-the-art technology in the IT sector and can provide maximum support for business processes. Various factors prompted the company to take action regarding the modernization of its e-mail management. One of these reasons included legal aspects. Today, for instance, GDPdU-compliant e-mail management today has become an absolute necessity. Mueller also wanted to counteract the reduction of the load on the Microsoft Exchange database caused by for the great e-mail flood by additionally resolving existing PST files as well as preventing their re-creation. Having been using EASY ENTERPRISE successfully for several years, choosing the new software from the EASY product suite was a logical step. And so EASY xBASE was selected. The requirements for the new system were previously defined clearly: inbound and outbound e-mails should in future be archived, depending on the send and receive date. In addition to archiving PST files, English language documentation should be offered both to administrators and users. EASY xBASE includes all these features.

Brief installation and satisfied users

After a brief planning phase, the experts from PART, integration and implementation partner of EASY SOFTWARE, were able to install EASY xBASE on-site. Particularly from the point of view of the Mueller business group, PART delivered the crucial added value for the EASY xBASE project. Resulting from a cooperation of more than eight years that far exceeds archive applications, each new project allows saving more time. Thus, the tasks performed in a complex corporate structure took less than four days to complete. Each additional location installation was complete within a day, much to the satisfaction of all those involved. This helped reduce the load on the Microsoft Exchange database by 40 percent.
Helmuth Binder, Manager of IT infrastructure at Theo Mueller GmbH & Co. KG, commented on the e-mail archiving  solution EASY xBASE:”The deployment of EASY xBASE provides optimum e-mail storage and retrieval requirements in the business group. In my capacity as IT manager, I particularly appreciate the fact that the constant stress factor of ‘My mailbox has reached its limit’ is now a thing of the past, the data volume has been dramatically reduced, and backing up our mail servers has become significantly faster.The EASY xBASE system additionally enables us to meet the legally required GDPdU standards.”

Mueller’s future belongs to EASY solutions

Resulting from the positive experience with the successfully deployed EASY solutions, the Theo Mueller business group is already planning the installation of other EASY solutions: “We want to roll out our implementation. The next possible step is the file server archiving solution EASY xSTORE.”

For Schultze & Braun, EASY xBASE is “the perfect choice”

“Consulting with a long-term vision” – this is the maxim used to campaign for the extensive consulting services that Schultze & Braun GmbH provides. The group operates in a sector with a high volume of legal content and e-mails subject to retention, which is why, keeping in mind the same long-term vision for revision-proof archiving and intelligent management of electronic correspondence, it selected EASY xBASE.

The consulting firm Schultze & Braun GmbH has evolved from a tax consulting firm established in 1949 in Achern (Baden), Germany. Now, almost 60 years later, it has become a group that employs a staff of more than 450. Lawyers, tax consultants and auditors provide their services for clients throughout Germany from here.
Today, its services not only include general legal and tax consulting, but also redevelopment consulting and insolvency management. The range of services extends from creating annual statements and employment law consulting right up to drafting expert statements on questions of redeveloping businesses and managing corporate insolvencies.

Secure archiving of legal information

Against the backdrop of ever-tightening tax legislation, Schultze & Braun is faced with an increasing amount of business-critical and legal information in its everyday work. However, the increased data volume is accompanied by an equally increasing disorganized structure: searching for specific contents in the electronic mailbox takes an ever-increasing amount of time, and structured storage of information becomes increasingly more difficult.
Torsten Bross, computer scientist and project leader responsible for e-mail archiving at Schultze & Braun GmbH, still visualized the initial situation:  “By the time the lawyers from the other side presented us with an ever-increasing number of printed e-mails as evidence, we realized the time had come to invest in electronic e-mail archiving.”

EASY selected from 25 software makers

So Schultze & Braun was screening the market searching for a suitable solution. After studying various professional journals and searching the Internet for a couple of hours, they eventually sent a list of questions and requirements to 25 suitable software makers. After some providers did not reply and still others only inefficiently met the specific requirements in their proposals, only five software makers were left on the shortlist, which Torsten Bross and his colleague scrutinized closely in personal talks at CeBIT 2005.
EASY appeared to be a sensible solution, not only in terms of its competence and product performance, but above all in terms of a direct price comparison. So Schultze & Braun eventually selected EASY xBASE to deploy a standard product that combines revision-proof storage and e-mail management with a comprehensive concept for enterprise-wide information management. An intelligent e-mail management tool, EASY xBASE is additionally integrated directly into Outlook Exchange; with its revision-proof storage, it ensures a maximum of legal security.

Easy training – optimized processes

After the week-long implementation of the project, it soon turned out during the training phase that the employees did not have any difficulty in leveraging EASY xBASE, particularly because EASY xBASE allows users to work in their native Microsoft Outlook interface – without requiring expensive training and software installation at the workstation.Â
The convenient full text search engine enables retrieving all information in mere seconds, including the contents of attached files. This eliminates the need for time-consuming searches for important e-mails from specific business partners.
Torsten Bross estimates that some 150 GB of data is transferred to the database per year via the 450-odd mailboxes of the employees. However, EASY xBASE can easily handle such a data volume; after all, the archiving solution is designed to handle production-volume data, providing a mailbox of almost unlimited size.
Thus, Torsten Bross concludes on a positive note: “With EASY xBASE we selected an efficient tool for cost-reducing acceleration of processes. Three days for installation, and two-day training for administrators – and that’s it. The e-mail archiving solution has been in trouble-free operation with us for over a year. EASY was simply the right choice.”

Successful CeBIT show: EASY joining Microsoft and SAP

EASY SOFTWARE AG took CeBIT 2008 as an opportunity to join its partners Microsoft and SAP at their booths to present its products and solutions for the Microsoft and SAP environments in an exclusive setting.

“Our exhibits drew streams of visitors”, explained Peter Ertl, in charge of the Microsoft arena at EASY. “With its share of 10% of all contacts made at the trade show, EASY has been one of the most successful Microsoft partners at CeBIT 2008. In particular, the topic of legally compliant e-mail archiving is gaining ground with CEOs.  Our preview of the new retrieval client that is integrated into Microsoft Outlook via add-ins now also enables finding e-mails that have not yet been archived. This means even greater transparency for users.
EASYiDOX OFFICE, the Office Business application, was very popular. The solution includes an integrated archive smart client, single sign-on, smart tag support, and Ribbon Bar integration. It allows archiving directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The announced EASY xSHARE release also found great response with EASY Microsoft partners and systems integrators. The new EASY xSHARE 2007 version enables access directly from the Microsoft SharePoint portal interface. It also enables legally compliant archival of Microsoft SharePoint documents and, in the future, will allow direct linkage to the SharePoint Server’s search engine. In addition, this provides optimum support for the new Microsoft SharePoint workflow technology. Florian Laumer, Technical Sales Manager at EASY, said: “Integrating the EASY ECM solution into MOSS technology now allows a perfect combination of both components to enable optimum working methods for users.”

Joint presence with WMD and Kofax was a benefit for all

Richard Luckow, head of Direct Sales at EASY SOFTWARE AG, drew an entirely positive conclusion about EASY’s joint presence with SAP: “The joint presence with our partners WMD and Kofax at the SAP booth more than met our expectations.  We particularly succeeded in winning numerous prospects for EASY INVOICE, our solution for automated invoice processing.” EASY SOFTWARE has been successfully selling SAP archiving solutions since 1996; it is a world market leader in this sector.  This success is based on its close strategic partnership alliance with SAP AG, which enabled complementing a variety of SAP developments with modern document management features.

Betty Barclay: The International lifestyle brand selects EASY ENTERPRISE

One of Germany’s leaders in ladieswear clothes, the Betty Barclay Group offers attractive lifestyles with a high recognition rate through its brands Betty Barclay, Gil Bret, and Vera Mont.

Based in Nussloch, Germany, Betty Barclay selected the document management solution from EASY SOFTWARE AG, and CTO Balzuweit KG for its solution partner.
In the initial project phase, its existing legacy archive containing 1.5 million documents was replaced with EASY ENTERPRISE.x. This was followed by automating archival of outbound documents from the ERP system INTEX in the second project phase.
In the third phase, as part of further process optimization, a workflow based on EASY DOCUMENTS was implemented for automated invoice processing of 300 inbound invoices per day, including verification and release scenarios. Automatic posting of reviewed invoices in the DCW accounting system, with direct access to these documents from AS/400 (alternative access option also available via Web browser), was a special feature.
Documents are now scanned in six foreign branch offices.
Further implementation plans might include e-mail archiving and archiving from the Microsoft Office environment.

EASY SOFTWARE provides fastest SAP archiving solution in the world

As part of the SAP certification program, the SAP ContentServer interface from EASY SOFTWARE has passed the tests again very successfully. As part of the current check, EASY SOFTWARE has not only passed all tests in the “Archive Link Certification”, “Load Test Certification”, and “Ready for Solution Manager Test” fields with flying colors, it also provides the fastest SAP archiving solution in the world: at a rate of 823,000 documents per hour, EASY ENTERPRISE.x is far superior to all competitors’ solutions in SAP archiving.

The Walldorf-based company performs extensive routine load tests on archive systems. Certification was performed on the Windows 2003 Server/SQL Server and AIX/Oracle platforms. In this connection, system performance is checked in addition to functional base capability.
EASY ENTERPRISE.x has been designed for production-volume data and high throughput rates. The current check performed by SAP has shown that EASY ENTERPRISE.x fully qualifies for being the leading document management solution technology throughout the world. During the load tests, the amount of documents stored in an hour nearly doubled, and other test results also produced significant improvements. Special care was taken in all tests to ensure that standard industry hardware was used instead of extremely cost-intensive hardware.
“This is impressive proof that EASY SOFTWARE is a world leader in the SAP archiving environment”, says Dr. Torsten Engers, head of EASY Product Management, commenting on the SAP test results. Understandably, Daniel Redanz, head of Development, is also very satisfied:  “This result is a wonderful confirmation of our efforts. It is also an incentive to continue our product development in this direction, that is, to constantly keep our products state-of-the-art and, in addition, to be the market’s driving force for innovation.”

EASY highly satisfied with exclusive event for its certified partners

The organizers of the exclusive event for certified EASY SOFTWARE partners held on May 6, 2008 had expected about 100 conference participants. However, the venue was actually so thronged with people that additional seats had to be put in the auditorium.  In the first class ambience offered by Hotel InterContinental in Düsseldorf, Germany, EASY partners were given exclusive previews of new upcoming products from EASY SOFTWARE.

“The number of attendees by far exceeded our expectations”, said EASY CEO Andreas C. Nowottka, speaking to the auditorium before the actual conference had begun.  In fact, there were eventually some 130 participants assembling in Hotel InterContinental in Düsseldorf to get up-to-date information about EASY products through various EASY SOFTWARE presentations.

“Synergy through innovation.”

In his remarks, Andreas C. Nowottka emphasized how important collaboration with its partners really is to EASY: “Synergy through innovation. Excellence through collaboration” – this is the declared goal of EASY SOFTWARE AG for the future. Thus, 2008 will see various events to explore new and more efficient paths to shared success in the market.

Intensive development of partner management

The event was dominated by two topics: the new partner management program, and the new sales@vision multi-media sales package from EASY SOFTWARE. Christoph Köhne, head of EASY PartnerPort, and Carsten Werner, Partner Manager, presented the new Internet platform for certified partners that will allow each partner enterprise to provide detailed corporate presentation, and to present itself to prospects in an appropriate manner. Specific search functions enable prospective customers to find the EASY partner best suited to meet their individual requirements.

The all-inclusive package for Sales

Joachim Urra, Head of Marketing, and Björn-Martin Winter, Product Manager, presented the sales@vision package that gives the sales representatives of certified EASY partners new and crucial incentives, providing tools for making their presentations appear even more professional and effective. This package will provide every sales representative with all the necessary information about the EASY product suite, including reference footage, product descriptions, technical information, and much more.
Following a coffee break, the discussion began under the maxim of “EASY dialogue”. Partners were given the opportunity to ask questions, which EASY experts answered.  One of the topics discussed in this context was EASY Support, whose head Thomas Becher gave an account of extensive additions in that department in terms of personnel and content.

Ceremony to honor EASY partners

Another highlight of the event included honoring the most successful EASY partners, and certification awards.
Following this, all those involved ended this successful day on the note of a glass of wine and intensive discussions at the buffet. This was already marked by initial positive feedback. It was unanimously agreed that EASY found the right “mix”.

Invoice processing comes with a blessing: INVOICE workshop met with great appeal among participants

Residenz Uhlenhorst is a top-class address for events in the Ruhr valley. An EASY workshop on automated invoice processing took place in its former chapel. Some of the visitors came from afar – and none of the participants were disappointed with regard to their expectations.
At the beginning of the event, people were faced with a huge problem: The number of visitors exceeded that expected, so additional seats had to be found. Richard Luckow, EASY Division Manager, Direct Sales, finally welcomed 40 participants in the former chapel at Residenz Uhlenhorst. After a welcome snack in the open air, which duly ended when it began to rain, EASY specialists in various fields provided information about all aspects of automated invoice processing. Â
A lot of participant knowledge, and active sharing of information
Right from the start, the event was marked by active sharing of information among all those present. So the presenters’ explanations were followed by numerous questions on the part of the participants, with the EASY specialists devoting plenty of time to answering them. “The quality of the questions asked by the participants is indicative of their pre-existing knowledge,” said Richard Luckow. He continued: “This promoted efficient and productive sharing of information among all participants. Given this result, I’m very satisfied with this event.”Â

An easy time in Austria : Successful EASY xSHARE 2007 presentation at MOSS conference in Vienna

As part of the Microsoft Office SharePoint conference in the Austrian capital, EASY SOFTWARE AG successfully presented its latest EASY xSHARE version, the integrated archiving and document management solution based on EASY ENTERPRISE.x for Microsoft SharePoint Server.

With some 400 participants and 25 exhibitors, the event was Austria’s most successful ECM trade conference that included an integrated exhibition. More than 30 trade presentations provided plenty of opportunity for those present to get detailed information on the topic. Lucjan Slowiena and Florian Laumer, who were running the EASY booth, were delighted about the huge number of interested visitors, and about trade visitors generally confirming that the solution had tapped the pulse of the age.

An excellent competitive advantage

“EASY xSHARE has been perfectly integrated into MOSS technology, which gives us an excellent competitive advantage,” explains Florian Laumer, Technical Sales Manager.
Lucjan Slowiena’s conclusion is also positive. He adds:  “EASY met its claim for market leadership. It not only presented trade visitors with a state-of-the-art archiving product for MOSS, it also provided a preview of ongoing innovative product development.”

EASY xSHARE launch: Exclusive presentation for EASY Microsoft partners

Directly prior to the MOSS conference, the latest EASY xSHARE version was presented at Mülheim guildhall as part of an exclusive EASY Microsoft partner event.  Microsoft Technology Consultant Andreas Dreyer personally pointed out market opportunities, describing what collaboration will look like in the future. Moreover, in their presentation, Dr. Ralph Niewiarra and Florian Laumer made intensive reference to the latest component of the EASY product suite.  “The new synergies between EASY direct partners and EASY Microsoft partners will open up a huge market to EASY SOFTWARE AG that can be perfectly serviced,” comments Florian Laumer.

Extensive EASY xSHARE functions are convincing

The presented solution has been convincing with a variety of features:
– Automatic import of content types
– Archiving through a separate Microsoft SharePoint workflow
– Workflow can be used in documents and all list libraries
– References to archived documents
– Easy integration with Microsoft SharePoint Records Center
– Time and type controlled archival of complete library contents
– EASY Search Center facilitates quick access to complete EASY ENTERPRISE inventory data
– Individually tailored view of archive data using archive librariesÂ
– Communication interface to Web Parts from third-party manufacturers offers flexible scope for design
– Separate workflow activities with Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer support for optimum use in individual projects
– Deep integration with Microsoft SharePoint administration

EASY for MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV 5.0 – a state-of-the-art and certified product

In addition to base technology, its technical compatibility or adherence to the strict Microsoft regulations on user interfaces was tested. In both categories, the Microsoft-induced checks on the EASY product were extremely successful. It’s now clear that EASY for MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP 1 is absolutely guaranteed.
“This result underscores the magnificent expertise of the EASY technology partner Tegos GmbH on Microsoft products, and Microsoft’s close collaboration with EASY SOFTWARE AG,” explains Dr. Torsten Engers, head of Product Management at EASY. It’s a wonderful confirmation of our collaboration.